Physical Health and Wellness

We understand that it is a lot more difficult to focus your mind when your body is deficient when our bodies want for something: food, water, or movement.

We offer classes and breaks from academics in the form of physical activity. Anne-Marie has been a student of yoga off and on for 20 years. She loves to begin a math session with a few poses for the more anxious students. It’s also an excellent tool for dealing with test anxiety. Our home office is situated at the bottom of an abandoned fire road that offers a meandering trail skirting a ridge of redwoods. We can bring our archery equipment there too and learn about the zen of archery. James likes to hike too, but also loves to play tennis in the front yard for a few minutes or down at the Ben Lomond courts at Highlands.

While sitting down at a desk with your nose buried in your books (or tablets!) is important to get the homework done, there are some aspects of being a healthy student that are often overlooked. Having enough sleep, having enough food, water and mental and physical health play key parts in being able to learn and grasp the concepts necessary to complete schoolwork.

When students come to our tutoring center in the San Lorenzo Valley we always will provide healthy organic snacks like fruits, vegtables, whole grains, and cheese. Our fridge is always stocked with healthy snacks for students from our local independent health food market. We also make sure to keep water, tea, and coco available and will often have water at the desk by default.

We can all remember those certain days, where after school lets out at 3PM we just feel drained, void of any mental or physical energy.  This is often a stumbling block that can prevent students from being able to put their best effort into their schoolwork and assignments. One of the best ways to both REDUCE STRESS and also BECOME MORE AWAKE AND FOCUSED is to have some moderate physical exercise. We like to offer some outlets to students when they feel tired, stressed or fidgety.

Being in a very hilly area of the Santa Cruz Mountains in the San Lorenzo Valley, we encourage students to take small breaks every hour if they need to. Some physical exercise BEFORE tutoring can also do wonders for concentration, focus and communication.

We currently have our students engaged in the following activities, both for hourly ten minute breaks, or longer pre-academic lessons. Please click on anyone you think might be a good fit for your child’s academic tutoring.

  • Hiking
  • Archery
  • Tennis
  • Yoga