AnneMarie speaks the Spanish language with ease and greatly appreciates being able to communicate in the beautiful romance language that is Spanish. She studied abroad in Mexico before while attending Cemanauhac University and understands the complex cultural relationship that extends between the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

Tutoring is available for help with conversational Spanish, writing Spanish, high school Spanish I and II, but is not limited to just that. AnneMarie regularly teaches kindergarten Spanish lessons. Her Spanish tutoring makes Spanish a wonderful cultural experience which can broaden your students communication skills, and let them talk with people from an entire continent! In addition to their words, and letters and pronunciation, she takes a great interest in the social aspect of Spanish and the history behind the language and customs surrounding it.

She has an emphasis on the spoken language when she teaches. She feels that the beauty of knowing a foreign language is being able to go to other countries and get to know others that you wouldn’t have been able to without studying the language. Verbal quizzing isn’t only expedient, it’s practical. Unlike our language, Spanish is phonetically spelled;AND their letters make only one sound! Quite literally, if you can say it, you can read and write it.

Please see the small classes tab for kids conversational Spanish.