Social Studies

“Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it” – Italian philosopher George Santayana

This statement cannot be emphasized enough. History is full of stories that should leave a mark on anyone who is fortunate enough to gain lessons from them.

We offer tutoring in subjects such as U.S. History, Global History, European History, Ancient History (Egypt, Rome, Greece) as well as Government courses.  There is value in students being engaged in these courses if their desire is to become a lawyer, politician or philosopher.

We gladly will help tutor students in these subjects, because it is important to understand ones local history, state history, and national history. It is the winners of wars who “write history” too and we are aware of that. We strive to present historical records from all perspectives and to not gloss over the bad parts of history simply because it is inconvenient.

Current events and events happening in the world right are very engaging and interesting given the right knowledge and familiarity with similar past events. While it is honorable to use it to write essays and philosophize, understanding history and human social behavior can have all kinds of practical applications such as predicting increases in stock prices. “Street smarts” doesn’t have to be learned “on the street”. It can be learned from picking up a history book and reading the newspaper.

It gives us a great challenge to be able to relate current events to events of history in a way that will excite current students, and we welcome the chance to help any student with their social studies who requires our assistance.