“To see the world in a grain of sand.

or a heaven in a wild flower.

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

Or eternity for an hour”

William Blake


It is a very rewarding experience that is hard to put into words when one is able to reach students in such a way that piques their interest and stimulates their malleable mind soul. Science is known for being amonst the toughest of academic subjects with relentless homework and labs to complete at the high school level.

Higher level math such as calculus has applications in science such as physics, and we strive to be able to tie it all together in a way that is thorough and educational but also fun, worthwhile and valuable to students. The deeper understanding that a student has of the sciences, the more they understand how our world functions, and the more likely that we could be tutoring tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

We offer tutoring for all science topics up to high school including but not limited to Earth Science/Ecology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also offer counseling and tutoring for students in the AP versions of theses classes so that they can improve their chances of getting a better score on AP tests.

The scientists of the Enlightenment were seeking to prove the existence of God through finding the laws of nature. Wouldn’t they be surprised to find out they did the opposite. I’ve often thought that a modern person looking at science with an artistic spiritual mind set might be able to return the magic to science somehow.