Language Arts

Seen wholistic ally, language arts is reading, writing, spelling, grammar and public speaking.

Language arts are essential skills that was once more emphasized and prized in the past amongst students and their peers. With the advent of online chat, texting and social media, it seems as if students in todays world pick up a cellphone a whole lot more often than they pick up a book. I’ve even heard tell of schools thinking about eradicating handwriting all together and it just feels wrong.

Reading is not only a good skill to have, it’s a fun too. I remember telling a student that reading was like being able to watch a movie wherever and whenever you wanted. That same child went on to be the ONLY student I ever had to limit their reading time. Learning to read at a quicker rate is much easier for children and young adults than it is as children become adults and into adulthood. The classics like Shakespeare and Dickens are wonderful pieces of literature, but we recognize that that doesn’t fit with all students.

At our tutoring center, we encourage reading and have a multitude of novels to read, as well as books such as Calvin and Hobbes comic books, and everything inbetween, like Graphic Novels. They just have to be able to tell us what it was about afterwards usually in writing where we get to look at spelling and grammar, but sometimes verbally kid-specifically. We recognize that ANYTHING that gets kids to open up a book is a good thing, so we are open to students reading a wide variety of literature so they can improve their vocabulary and become better speakers and writers.

We offer tutoring in English Vocabulary and Greek and Latin roots to help students recognize common patterns in words that can help with vocab intensive schoolwork such as MLK essays, SATs/ACT Writing and Standardized Tests and Oral/Public Speaking.

A student who has a good command of the language they speak can make a very good impression and make one standout. From job interviews to college interviews, it’s a skill that will only help students get ahead.