Home School Studies

To the Home School parent,

We know and fully honor a parent role as their child’s first and best teacher, especially as parents ourselves. It’s also true that parents are the child’s teacher socially, psychologically, nutritionally, spiritually, and in a myriad of other ways.

This can make certain academic subjects more difficult if there’s resistance in another lesson the parent is struggling to impart. In fact, if anyone reading this would like to exchange our services for tutoring our daughter in early reading, please let us know!

Otherwise, I’d like to help ease any tension you might have by taking over this subject or two from the myriad. Kids save their worst (and best!) for their parents. I’ve been told by parents how amazing the amount of work and dedication is that they strive for with me.

You can rest assured that it’s handled: all the instruction, usually texts, homework, work samples, and coordination with the teacher of record, and protoring of tests. Let me take as much off your plate as you’re comfortable with!



Students are recognized in California as being able to opt-out of the standard public educational school system and instead working with a credentialed California educator to utilize a more home or local based instruction or tutoring.

You may be familiar with some programs like Ocean Grove or Brigham Young University (BYU Online).  We (AnneMarie and James) are both very familiar with the BYU online Math courses that home-school students can opt to take instead of utilizing the course offered by their local public high school.

In addition to being familiar with the curriculum of high school course content, we are familiar with and have worked with students who have neurological differences. We have worked with kids on the spectrum, with ADD, who are gifted, who have various psychological issues, and all the space in between. We understand some students work better in groups, some work better in classes, some work better individually. If we are able to help a home schooled student achieve more, have better life satisfaction, and have more oppurtunities because of higher grades and test scores, then we consider our jobs well done and worthwhile.

All of the subjects we teach can be adapted to individual or small group instruction for home school. Anne-Marie has designed, implemented, provided all resources for, and coordinated all aspects of home school personalized curriculum many times over. We have both done single to many subjects, taking over however much you’d like us to. It can be more affordable, as well as socially viable, to contract us for your own small group of friends or family.

You can also put your name on the “interested” list in small groups tab and when there’s adequate interest, we’ll begin the class. Getting the social integration aspect of home schooling is instructional of its own accord.