I, Anne-Marie Scott am an academic tutor who sees students in person and online to facilitate actuating their full potential.  I teach and reteach subjects to make doing school assignments a more fun and rewarding experience. Whether it is in a small group or one on one, I get the luxury of catering my lessons to each student’s individual learning style and goals, no matter the neurological difference, learning disability, or personal challenge. The student’s academic needs and personal goals are what is most important.

I regularly see students at my tutoring center up in the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains, easily accessible from Highway 9 and only minutes from downtown Boulder Creek. As an alternative, I both also will come to tutor students in their home or school, at libraries, or other mutually agreed on places. I have students in the San Lorenzo Valley: Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, and Felton; Scott’s Valley and also in the city of Santa Cruz.