We proudly offer our individual tutoring services for a variety of standardized tests which are used by students as a stepping stone into higher education. Admission in colleges and universities relies on GPA, however it is a requirement from all 4 year schools that prospective students take either the SAT or the ACT standardized test.

There are also practice tests for both the SAT and ACT that you can officially take through a school that we can prepare you for and proctor ourselves. Some high schools only allow entrance to their AP or IB (advanced placement) classes with the pretest scores.

Which test should you take? We can help with that through our individual counseling and tutoring to find out if students score higher on one test or another. The SAT used to be favored among the majority of students nationally, however in recent years, more students have taken the ACT than the SAT. It really comes down to personal preference and if the student feels more comfortable taking one or the other. They both take about 4 hours to complete. ACT can be taken electronically.

James recently taught a class of students on the English portion of the SAT Test in the Fall of 2016 and tutored SAT Math and New York Regents Exam material as early as 2005.

Anne-Marie has helped students with PSATs and SAT English and Math. We both reccomend checking out books by Kaplan and Priceton Review for SAT/ACT Prep to go along with tutoring as well as looking at both College Board and ACT websites for information on test dates, locations and registering for the test.

The College Board is the company responsible for creating, distributing and grading the SAT Test, as well as the PSAT, SAT II subject tests, and AP Tests which are designed to be taken by high school students to assess their knowledge of high school curricula.

We are intimately familiar with the NEW format of SAT which has changed drastically over the past two decades. The current SAT includes a Writing, Math and Critical Reading section.

The ACT Test, which is created and distributed by a seperate company but serves the same purpose of the SAT includes an English, Math, Writing and Science section.

High school juniors and seniors can have more doors open to them the higher their ACT/SAT score is, and they can even receive credit for college level courses by taking AP exams meant to accompany advanced high school subject classes.