We are a small progressive tutoring company that provides individual tutoring in the convenience of your own home, school, library or our tutoring center up in the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains, under the canopy of the temperate rainforest that is the Redwood trees. Our local small business consists of tutors Anne-Marie Scott, who has been tutoring around Santa Cruz for over 20 years, and James Nelson, who started tutoring over a decade ago in New York, but has been tutoring students individually and with Anne-Marie for the past 2 years.

Our entire tutoring team is pictured above! That’s us pictured right in front of a beautiful Redwood. While we are a small company, our combined experience allows us to instruct students in Language Arts, Spanish, Math, Science, Social Studies, SAT/ACT Prep, Home School studies and even sports like Tennis and Archery!

We like to take the holistic approach and look at the whole kid, not just the subject they are struggling with. We use our extensive training and experience to penetrate the riddle of their mind. We are aware of the indicators of kinesthetic, visual, and audio learners and cater our lessons thus. Although we can use titles like “on the spectrum”, gifted, or ADHD, we dislike the boxes it puts people in. Each student is, to us, a marvelously imperfect being (like us all!) and there is no one way to teach. It’s the beauty of individualized lessons and why we love to teach.